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  • Lightning Medical treats patients 6 years of age and older

  • When booking your appointment, please list all your visit reasons. You will only be seen for the reasons you list

  • If additional reasons develop prior to your appointment, please call to see if we are able to extend your appointment time to accommodate addressing all of your visit reasons

  • Limit 3 reasons per appointment

  • Annual wellness visits cannot address additional reasons such as follow-up/treatment/medication refills of chronic conditions. Please book a separate appointment for this

  • After booking your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. 2 days prior to your appointment, you will receive a previsit check-in, which is required. Failure to complete this within 9 minutes past your appointment time will result in cancellation of your appointment ('No Call/No Show/Late Cancellation').

  • Please arrive to your appointment on time. Arrival 9 minutes past your appointment time will result in forfeiture of your appointment and will count as a 'No Call/No Show/Late Cancellation'

  • You have 6 hours prior to your appointment to cancel. Anything sooner will count as a 'Late Cancellation'.  To CANCEL your appointment, please TEXT your full name, appointment date/time, and 'cancel' to 725-209-8979 (This is NOT our main office phone number. If you text our main office line instead of the number listed above, we will not receive your cancellation notice and it will count as a No Call/No Show)

  • Office Visits

  • New Injury

  • Mental Health

  • Chronic Care Follow-Up

  • Results Review/ Follow-Up

  • FMLA/Disability Placard

  • Pap Smear

  • Sick Visits


Dr. Alexandria Lightning, APRN

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Lightning Medical Physical Exam

  • Annual Physical Exam

  • Medicare Annual Wellness Exam

  • Well Child Exam

  • School Physical

  • Sports Physical

  • Work Physical

  • Disability Determination

  • Pre-Op Clearance

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